10+ Days

This itinerary can be combined with the India: Golden Triangle Itinerary for a longer trip.

India is a massive country. Though it has one of the most complex and well connected rail systems in the world, trains travel slowly meaning that much of your trip to India could be consumed by rail travel. While in the South, use overnight buses (and trains!) to maximize your time. Southern India is popular for it’s beaches, hiking (through the tea fields of the Hill Stations!) and famous Kerala backwaters.

Wondering about traveling India? I’ve written about my experiences (the good, the bad, and more), here!

1. Goa   2. Hampi, Karnataka   3. Alappuzha, Kerala   4. Munnar (Hill Station) 5. Madurai 6. Mumbai


How Long?

This itinerary can be done in 10 days, but this might feel rushed. You could spend up to three weeks on this particular itinerary.


South India is more expensive than North India, so you will need a higher budget. With dedication, a budget of 30 USD per day is possible. To do this eat local, stay in cheap hotels (use Agoda to find these) and take lower class trains and busses. With a budget of 50 USD or more, your trip will be more comfortable.

  • Hotels: 500 - 1000 rupees

  • Meals: 50 - 150 rupees

  • Trains: 50 - 1000 rupees (according to distance)

  • Busses: 50 - 1000 rupees (according to distance)

  • Drinks: 15 - 20 rupees per litre of water, 100 rupees per beer