Alpaca My Bags is a Canadian podcast that focuses on informed, responsible travel.

Travel enthusiast Erin chats with guests about travel destinations, tourism controversies, and how to be a responsible traveler. In season one, the podcast covered topics including travel as a solo woman, over tourism, dark tourism, and LGBTQ+ travel.

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S02 is launching on October 2nd, 2019, and covers topics like animal tourism, extreme travel, traveling trans and more.

Sometimes serious and often hilarious, this Canadian podcast (recorded and produced in Toronto) is released bi-weekly and features a different hot topic and guest in each episode. It is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Now available on Spotify, Stitcher, Audioboom, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, and Apple Podcasts.

Featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy List, March 2019


Produced by Kattie Laur

A media industry professional, podcaster, and self-appointed enthusiasm ambassador, Kattie can usually be found daydreaming camping trips, podcasting and walking her dog. Kattie has had a long-standing admiration for public radio and podcasts, and believe that their unique ability to get deep, personable and creative is what brings raw stories to life. Her goal is to apply the same genuineness, creativity and developed, articulate research in her own projects. Kattie values acknowledging every-day voices and innovating the way we hear them.

Kattie also does podcast consulting!

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Hosted by Erin Elizabeth Hynes

Erin, also known as Pina (this is her site!) is a digital marketing specialist, copywriter, creative and travel enthusiast. An avid listener of podcasts, Erin wanted to create a unique space dedicated to learning about how to be a responsible traveler. Alpaca My Bags hopes to open up critical discussions and perspectives around travel.

Did you know Erin is a copywriter?

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