7 + Days


The Netherlands are famous for their cheese, windmills, bicycles and clogs. Many travelers on European tours visit Amsterdam without exploring other regions of the country. A small country with an impressive train system, it is easy to spend a week or more visiting less traversed Dutch cities and towns. You will find incredible architecture, kind people, and beautiful countryside views.

1. Amsterdam   2. Haarlem   3. The Hague   4. Utrecht   5. Amsterdam


How Long?

To explore beyond Amsterdam, 7 or more days is sufficient. If you have longer to devote to The Netherlands, a trip to the northern provinces is well worth it. The northern-west province of Friesland is known for its unique flag, tiny villages and dedicated language (Friesian).

  • To access the region go by train first to Leeuwarden. From there you can visit small towns: Dokkum, Sneek, and Harlingen to name a few.

  • Rotterdam: This modern city can easily be added to your itinerary. Its modern architecture and alternative nightlife and art scene make it a unique Dutch destination.


Traveling in the Netherlands is pricey, as are most north-west European countries. Budget 100 euro per day should you want to eat out and visit museums, less should you plan to cook for yourself and limit restaurant meals.

  • Hostels: 30 - 50 euro

  • Meals: 10 - 30 euro

  • Drinks: 5 - 8 euro for a beer

  • Trains: 5 - 40 euro per trip, according to distance

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