7 + Days

This lush Central American country is small enough that 1 - 3 weeks makes for a great trip. If you have more time to spare, a month long visit provides an in depth experience of Guatemalan culture, food and landscape. If you are a big adventurer, consider climbing Volcan Acatenango. It was one of the most rewarding hikes I have ever done. From the summit, you can view the famous Volcan Fuego, actively erupting. Read more about this hike, here!

1. Guatemala City   2. Antigua   3. San Pedro La Laguna (Lake Atitlan)   4. Guatemala City


How Long?

The above itinerary is easily achievable in 7 full days, or more if you’d like to spend a couple days in each location. For a longer trip, you can add:

  • Hiking Volcan Acatenango (1.5 days, out of Antigua)

  • Visiting the Mayan ruins in Tikal (this involves an overnight bus from Antigua to Flores)

  • Exploring Semuc Champey for beautiful views, river tubing and hiking (this involves a 5 - 7 hour bus from Antigua or Guatemala City)   


A reasonable budget for Guatemala is 40 to 80 USD per day. If you minimize tours, eat local, and travel by chicken bus, 40 USD daily is plenty!

  • Hostels: 10 - 20 USD per night

  • Meals: 1 - 5 USD per dish

  • Drinks: 1 USD for water, 1 - 3 USD for a beer

  • Shuttle busses: 10 - 40 USD per trip

  • Chicken busses: 1 - 5 USD per trip

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