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McDonald's: A Love Letter

McDonald's: A Love Letter


Ronnie’s: A Love Letter from a Hungry Traveler

In Canada, I don’t really like you.

Greasy and overpriced, I visit Ron’s whenever I’ve had some drinks, or have a hankering for cheap coffee.

But when I am travelling, I love you!

Ron’s you are my safe space.

When I am tired, sweaty, overwhelmed, lost and hungry, you are there for me.

With your familiar décor and delicious smell.

Though you may vary by country, your menu is always predictable.

You always have AC.

And dependable WiFi.

And your bathrooms have toilet paper! And Soap! Hallelujah!

(I know people judge me, I know you’re a capitalist bastard, but hear me out.)

In Ron’s everyone is smiling, no matter where I am in the world.

In Ron’s I am not refused service.

In Ron’s the staff understand my language.

In Ron’s I probably won’t get food poisoning.

You are a respite from the madness.

My heart lifts whenever I see your golden arches.

Soaring above the insanity of Kolkata, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Saigon.

Like a long lost friend, Ron’s helps me imagine I am anywhere in the world.

Like home, my real home, back in Canada.

But let’s be real, once I’m home, I’ll forget all about you.

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